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Preparing for a Winter Astronomy Tour

Updated: Jan 25


Winter stargazing is definitely worth getting a bit uncomfortable for. With objects like the Crab Nebula, The Great Orion Nebula, and a suite of planets in the night sky, Winter viewing is quite rewarding. The Winter sky is clear on most nights due to less particulate matter in the sky for the light from distant objects to bounce off of. This clarity allows views of deep space objects in far greater detail than other months of the year. Moab's dark night skies also aid in seeing more meteors each night.

How do you prepare for this experience so Maslow's Law doesn't divert your attention to being cold?

  • Layers- layer up on all your clothing.

  • Keep your head covered with a beanie or warm winter hat

  • Wool socks are a must

  • Winter boots

  • Snow pant

  • Winter sweater

  • Winter jacket

  • Scarf

  • Blankets

  • Gloves

  • Invest in some hand and foot warmers

Wool/Down is the warmest layering option for winter. Definitely spend the money for some thick wool socks. Your feet will thank you!

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